Each Variety Offers its Own Unique Functionality and Price Point

Process and imitation cheese are used in a wide variety of products ranging from subs and burgers, to sauces and soups, pizza, snacks, breaded appetizers and frozen entrees.

Process and imitation cheese has many advantages over natural cheese, including a longer shelf life and a flavor/texture profile that won’t change over time.

Over the years, three generations of cheesemakers have perfected a selection of core products available in the following process cheese varieties, with each category offering a different fat-to-moisture ratio, functionality and price point:

  • Pasteurized Process Cheese
  • Imitation and Substitute Cheese
  • Pasteurized Process Cheese Food
  • Pasteurized Process Cheese Spreads
  • Pasteurized Process Cheese Products and Blends…90/10, 50/50, 70/30
  • Pasteurized Process Cheese Sauces
  • Cheddarific

Process cheese represents the variety with the highest fat content; customers looking to achieve the lowest price point would choose a blend or imitation cheese.

An Ornua Ingredients representative can help you select which type of process or imitation cheese is the best fit for your price point and functionality goals.

If a standard formulation doesn't work for your application, allow Ornua Ingredients to custom formulate a product especially for your required function.

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Jackie Hemauer, Lab Technician - Ornua Ingredients Employee since 1974
2014-04-18, 16:23
Being an Ornua Ingredients employee for more than 30 years, I enjoy the family atmosphere where everyone works together as a team to achieve a common goal — to produce cheese products with great quality and flavor. As a lab technician, I can see proof of our products’ quality and take pride in seeing the many brand labels applied to our products.
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